Stations of the Cross - Fridays during Lent @ 6p. Light dinner at 5:15p in auditorium.

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Holy Name Weekend Bulletins

Parish Documents

Here are documents for events around the parish.

Ministers of the Altar

Current schedule(s) for Holy Name Announcers, Lectors, Altar servers and Eucharistic Ministers.

Adoration Schedule

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is on Wednesdays beginning after the 8:00am Mass and concluding with Healing Prayer and Benediction at 7pm. For more information on how to sign up for a half an hour or one hour timeslot, please contact the parish office or see the sign-up sheet in the church after Mass.

Homilist Transcripts

As we invite former pastors and priests to return and celebrate our anniversaries this year, we will post transcripts of their homilies. A direct link will be added in the menu soon. For now, please click here in order to read Msgr. Bob Hoffstetter's words from Sunday, February 19, one of our native sons.

Religious Education

Calendar and Parent Letter


Parishioners involved in Stewardship efforts here and around the globe!